How to Select the Right PR Agency, Part 2

Here are some more things to look for when selecting a PR firm:

  1. Look for a team with a vision for your business.  Strong messaging is critical for any business.  Check out how an agency has positioned other companies…is it effective?  If it doesn’t distinguish them, chances are your company won’t stand out either.    
  2. Factor in company culture.  Look for an agency that can relate to your business culture and issues.  If you’re a fast-growing company, seek a company that watches expenses closely, is owner-operated, etc.
  3. Be wary of “yes” agencies.  One reason you hire an agency is to employ independent thought and experience.  Look for an agency that will challenge your ideas.
  4. Do not hire based solely on contacts.  Agencies love to name drop.  Having “contacts” helps, but reporters come and go.  It’s far more important to know how to identify and work to build a solid relationship with just the right reporter.

Let us know if you have any other tips to add to the list.

–Mara Conklin

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