Here’s a Good New Year’s Resolution: Improve Your Media Interviewing Techniques

The New Year is the
perfect time to improve your media interviewing skills.  Here are some resolutions that will help you connect with reporters:

  1. Develop memorable messaging. Have three key points for every interview.

  2. Set the tone for the interview.   Bridge back to
    your messages when the questioning gets off topic.

  3. Have
    a plan
    . Decide in advance what you want to get out of the interview.

  4. Anticipate
    . Research the reporter’s previous articles and be up-to-speed on hot industry issues.

  5. Use
    memorable language.
    Most quotes chosen for articles use compelling language or tell a story.

  6. Tell
    the truth.
    A solid reporter will verify what you say.

  7. Invest
    in media training
    . An investment in just a few hours of
    intensive training pays long term dividends.

–Linda Muskin

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