Get Online and Listen to Your Customers

Social media is this century’s version of the back yard fence on steroids.  This is where people exchange information about products and services that meet their needs, exceed their expectations or disappoint them.

Even if your business is not rooted in the Internet, your customers and their comments are.  You need to start listening to what they’re saying about you. 

It’s easy to do: log on to bulletin boards and blogs to get a real-time look at how your customers perceive you.  While it may be hard to read negative comments, especially knowing they are available to anyone at anytime, this is all the more reason to take action. 

The right PR partner can help neutralize negative comments and shift the focus to positive news, such as testimonials from satisfied customers.  As more positive articles are posted on the Internet, they move higher in your organic search and the negative comments are mitigated.

Since customers will search the Internet and shop for information before making a purchase from you, it is smart to know what friends and foes are saying.  So get online and start listening!

–Deb Massa

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