It’s hard to give yourself a haircut

Doing your own corporate messaging is much like giving yourself haircut.  Even though you’ve watched someone do it hundreds of times, without the necessary perspective, it’s simply impossible to do it well.

The same is true when it comes to developing your corporate messaging. When someone from outside your firm works with you to develop your message, they bring a different and impartial point of view.

Just as a good haircut helps define you, so does good messaging.  A tight, compelling company message defines your organization and allows you to present your story succinctly to customers, prospects, investors and the media.

A good haircut is the result of solid communication between you and the person with the scissors.  Likewise, successful messaging results from detailed questions that elicit the right information, resulting in unique and memorable language to describe your organization.

Messaging is an important part of your company story. Like a haircut, it pays to have a pro do it right.

–Linda Muskin

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