PR Sunscreen

Summer is vacation time for many and the summer slowdown often leaves clients wondering if their PR program should take a holiday too. So we’ve put together a few tips.  Think of these as PR sunscreen: they allow your business to bask in the sun and when September rolls around, you won’t feel like your PR program has been burned!

  1. Take advantage of the slow down in news and invest time in getting better acquainted with reporters in your market space.  It’s often easiest to reach available reporters at their desks on Friday afternoons. They use those slower periods to clear off their desks and plan ahead, and often will have time to chat about your ideas.
  2. Although most PR pros avoid announcements and media placements during holiday weeks, like the Fourth of July and Labor Day, reporters are receptive to news during these slow periods.  As for who’s around to read it: not everyone is gone at once and those who are usually catch up on the week’s news online or the following week.
  3. August is vacation time, especially internationally. Issue your least newsworthy announcements in August and save your more important news until after Labor Day.
  4. The slower pace of summer provides the perfect environment for strategic initiatives such as messaging, media training and other projects.
  5. Summer is a great time to re-tool your PR program.  Review your results and revise your plans accordingly.  After Labor Day you’ll be ready to move forward with a more targeted plan to make an impact during the rest of the year.

–Deb Massa

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