It’s all Greek…

If you think you have a strong elevator statement, try explaining what you do to a foreigner to see if it passes the “understandability test.”   That’s what I had to do.

This year my family is fortunate to be hosting a 16-year-old exchange student from Shanghai. “Antonio” speaks great English, loves to eat and is very curious. These qualities make him well-suited to being our adopted son for the year.

After finding out that my husband is a journalist, Antonio asked what kind of work I do. I explained that I was in public relations but that meant nothing to him. It was harder to comprehend than being a “reporter.”

Then I told him that I help companies tell their story in language that makes sense to the listener who could be a reporter, investor, prospect or customer.

Antonio understood immediately.

If you have trouble getting people to understand what you do, let me know.  There are some simple exercises that we can go through that will clarify your message.

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–Linda Muskin

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