Frugality is the new Black

I am amused to read many features this holiday shopping season about how after years of consumer gluttony, frugality is the hottest trend. We’re looking for ways to reduce our spending, whether it’s clipping coupons or seeking web-based services to eliminate the costs of travel or new equipment.

Here are some ways businesses and their employees can trim their budgets for the holidays:

  • Send holiday e-cards. There’s no postage required, no licking postage stamps and no paper cuts.
  • Shop for office products online. There’s no cost of travel, it’s easy to do price comparisons, shipping is often free with minimum spending amounts and you can do it anytime of day.
  • Go virtual, at least some of the time. With most homes connected to the Internet, consider allowing your employees to work from home at least one day a week to save on fuel and vehicle wear-and-tear.
  • Encourage your professional association to replace their physical trade show with a virtual trade show. You’ll still get the advantages of networking and staying on top of your industry, while saving on the cost of travel and lodging, without leaving your office.
  • Reduce electricity bills by turning off computers and laptops after hours. They’re huge energy eaters.

–Michelle Damico

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