SaveATreeCards: a holiday treat

If you like the idea of sending e-cards to your customers or clients this holiday season but don’t like any of the greetings available, try from Logica3.  We’ve been using their beautifully designed cards for all sorts of occasions for a couple years.  And, they’re free.

New this year, the platform features a tool that enables you to send customized, branded e-cards containing images, messages, music and/or animation. You can allow multiple users within your company to personalize cards with their own greeting, then track the cards that are sent to see when the recipients view them. cards come with a bonus: for every e-card sent from, Logica3 will make a donation to The Nature Conservancy, an organization that works around the world to protect ecologically important land and waters.

Logica3, creator of, can develop custom cards as well.  Check them out at

–Mara Conklin

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