It takes two

People have been pondering the chicken and the egg question for years, but truth is it doesn’t matter which came first.  Both are important to the existence of the other. 

It’s the same with sales and marketing: you can’t grow your company without both.  Yet in tough economic times, companies are quick to reduce marketing efforts, insisting that sales teams do more to impact the bottom line.

Every entrepreneurial company that has grown into a multinational corporation invests in developing fully integrated marketing campaigns that provide their sales teams with more than just leads. They provide critical tools to help facilitate the sale.  Tools such as…

  • Corporate and product messaging that ensures customers receive a clear, consistent message no matter who they speak to;
  • A well-designed and up-to-date website that makes it easy for customers to quickly find what they need and interact with customer service;
  • Collateral that can be used in sales calls or at industry events that reinforces the messaging;
  • PR efforts that highlight the company’s expertise and delivers relevant information to customers through byline articles, news releases, quotes in industry trend stories, etc.   

Competition for those precious customers’ dollars is fiercer than ever.  Time to arm your sales team with tools that will help them win. 

–Deb Massa

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