Stop yer bellyaching!

I came across a great website/video by Holton Sentivan + Gury that encourages everyone to stand up and reject the recession.  The idea is that by not buying into the bellyaching, we can get back on track sooner.

Here are some of the tips offered on the video (the video is much more entertaining):

  1. If you make something, make it better so it's irresistible to consumers.  If you're in a service industry, offer more for the money.
  2. If you're laid off or soon to be, lose the "I'm too good" for certain jobs attitude.  If you have extra time, volunteer.
  3. Stop watching and reading negative news.

The site also has other recession survival tips.

If you check out the website quickly, you can sign an anti-recession petition and see your name appear in the Wall Street Journal.

–Mara Conklin

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