Confessions of a Cover Girl

 Secretly, I’ve always wanted to be that shapely model that catches your eye as you pass by the magazine rack.

Thanks to the normal aging process, it is too late for me to fulfill the eye candy dream but today I came closer than ever to that goal.
Today, my CLIENT became the cover story on a coveted publication of the billboard industry: Outdoor Advertising Magazine.


So how did that happen? Several months ago when the economy started to spasm, I had a heart-to-heart talk with my friend Darrin Friskney of Watchfire Digital Outdoor and asked him why anyone would buy his product in tight economic times.   After all, these digital billboards represent a significant investment.

Darrin had lots of answers to my question and they made sense.  He explained the economics of digital billboards, the advantage they held over other advertising media, the adoption rate over the last several years, etc.

I figured if I were interested, others would be too.

That’s when I called the publisher of the magazine and pitched the story idea.  He liked it and he liked the beautiful artwork available to tell the story.

The cover is important, it catches your eye but the story is key, that’s what people talk about and what they remember.

–Linda Muskin

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