Earned Media Builds Brands

Call it “Buzz.” Call it “Spin.” Call it any name you want.
Public relations is the supply chain of information that we all use when making a purchasing decision.  The more high value the purchase, the greater the role for PR.

“Media Prominence Study,” by by Text 100 and Context Analytics, says that public relations may have more impact on a brand’s perceived value than does advertising especially if products are feature-rich, high-involvement and complicated like consumer electronics, financial services and vehicles.

In a recent story about the study, PR Builds Brand for Complex Products Better than Ads, MediaBuyer wrote:

“Industries that sell high involvement products – where a buyer invests time deciding what to buy – have higher correlations between media prominence and brand value than industries selling low involvement products (more likely to be bought on impulse).”

This makes sense. If the purchase requires a substantial investment of time, money or both, the buyer wants to know the whole story. When resources are tight, this need to know if even greater. You want to know the story from several different angles and how it plays out over time. You want to know the story of the company’s history and it’s prospects for the future.

Public relations helps companies tell their story based on clear, concise messaging.
Let me know if you want tips on how to tell your story.

–Linda Muskin

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