10 Habits of a Highly Effective PR Agency

fourth quarter is just a couple weeks away.  Planning for 2010 will begin
to take place in earnest.  Companies will re-evaluate their PR agencies or
will start the process of forming new PR relationships.

you are a PR manager, what should you expect from your PR agency?  If you
are part of an agency, are you delivering what your clients need?
  A few years ago, we wrote down our own best practices and
shared them with our clients.  We thought they were worth repeating.

The 10 Habits of a Highly Effective PR Agency

  1. Has a solid understanding of the client’s
    marketing goals, audiences and industry.

  2. Develops a communications plan that supports the
    client’s marketing goals and differentiates the client from its competitors.

  3. Offers strategic, experienced guidance that is in
    the best interest of the client

  4. Commits a solid team with senior level involvement…daily.

  5. Is proactive in its work and counsel to the client
    by keeping current with the industry and the client’s changing needs.

  6. Puts in place strong management controls to ensure
    the integrity of the client’s budget.

  7. Develops strong measurement metrics to prove the
    value of the client’s investment and to continually improve the program by
    learning which tactics deliver the best ROI.

  8. Provides consistent verbal and written reports,
    including regular client status meetings and written results reports.

  9. Positions itself as a strategic partner and an
    extension of the client’s staff.

  10. Offers
    a network of affiliated partnerships to provide trusted services based on
    client’s needs.



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