Client Bill of Rights

We hear a lot in the new these days about the bill of
rights, the document that limits the power of government.  Lately, there is talk of a patients’
bill of rights and even a passengers’ bill of rights, to protect the interest
of hospital patients and those who fly on airplanes.

So we got to thinking, what about a client bill of
rights.  Let’s face it, there are
horror stories out there about how clients have been treated by their PR
agency.  Therefore, no preamble is

Client Bill of Rights

You have the right to…

  1. …have
    the same senior level executives who won your business work on your account
    every day. 
  2. …the
    agency’s “A” team, no matter the size of your budget.

  3. …call
    anyone on your account team at any time and get an up-to-the-minute accounting
    of what is being done on your company’s behalf.

  4. …know
    up front what is included in the retainer amount and how expenses are
    calculated and billed.

  5. …expect
    an agency to proactively challenge you with ideas that will help your business
    identify new opportunities.

  6. …an
    agency that will protect your credibility and offer guidance about what
    constitutes news and what does not. 

  7. …expect
    that your agency is acting ethically and with integrity on your behalf.  The agency is an extension of your
    staff and should be held to your company’s standards.
  8. …an
    agency that will counsel you on the dangers of distributing news without  first obtaining all necessary
    approvals, as well as information that is not defensible.

  9. …a
    verbal and written re-cap of all activity performed on your behalf on a regular

  10. …an agency that will recognize the need
    for and be able to provide a network of professionals to help with whatever
    services might be necessary to maximize your sales and marketing efforts.

If you have questions about how an agency fulfills any of these rights,
email me at

–Deb Massa

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