Our newest old client: The Schneider Corporation

Did you ever meet someone
you just “clicked with” right away? 
That’s how it was when we met Jill Snyder more than a decade ago.  Jill is vice president of marketing at
The Schneider Corporation, a new client of ours.

We have worked with Jill
at several other companies before she joined Schneider recently.  A very talented marketer, Jill joins
companies during their greatest need, builds a marketing infrastructure then
moves onto her next challenge.

While at YourEncore, we
worked together with Jill on a PR program that has won a fourth award this year.

Jill says the relationship
works because she always gets the “A” team with Clarus.  We think it works because together we
ensure that PR tactics can be measured and  linked all the way to sales.  After all, isn’t ROI what it’s all about?

–Mara Conklin

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