It’s Time to Stack the Deck

Would the NY Yankees put the fate of the World Series in the hands of rookies?  Clearly not.  They stacked their roster with as many solid, experienced players as possible. 
So I am always confused when I see companies hire PR agencies that are comprised mostly of twenty-somethings right out of college.  In fact, while reading a competitor’s blog I was struck by the fact that 80 percent of their staff is 25 years old or younger.  I’m sure the owners of the company are attending the new businBaseballGloveBatess meetings and closing the deals, while the junior staffers are back at the office managing the day-to-day client work. 

During tough times especially, it pays to think like a World Series champion and make sure you have the strongest team possible.  That means having experienced PR professionals on your side who have been through industry ups-and-downs and can maximize your tight budget. 

That doesn’t just mean watching dollars and cents.  It means drawing on years of experience talking with sales reps and company executives, as well as researching industry trends to be sure you are communicating the right message to the right audience to drive the most sales leads. 

Over the years, we’ve welcomed many clients who have enlisted our expertise after having worked with these inexperienced agencies.  They turn out to be our most loyal clients.

–Deborah Massa

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