On Being Thankful…

The PR business is tough.  Oftentimes, the very people who want to “spin” your story, also are “spinning” theirs.  We compete against agencies that make a lot of promises they can’t keep. These promises sound very appealing during the new business pitch and quickly fall apart when it’s time for execution. 

Our approach always has been to pitch honestly and to exceed our promises.

So as Thanksgiving approaches what I am most thankful for is the relationships we have made with clients over the years and our incredible retention rate.  Many of our biggest supporters are clients who have had promises broken by other agencies and then come to us for real business support and genuine guidance.

This marks our 11th year in business. Some clients have been with us almost as long.   I look forward to another 11 years with our clients…our friends. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

–Deborah Massa

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