Tomorrow’s PR Grad: A Criminologist?

I have twin daughters who are high school seniors this year.  That means that for the last two years I have spent many weekends touring colleges, doing online research and now supervising the application process.P1000544

Since my daughters don’t plan to go to the same school, multiply all that by two.

So I was intrigued when I read this article: 6 Surprising Academic Majors That Lead to Great PR Careers.

Much has changed in PR since I started in the business in the ‘80s.  Back then, writing, accuracy and strategic planning were the skills stressed for success in PR.  As an undergrad, even I knew there had to be more, which is why I opted not to be a PR major and instead earned my degree in English with a minor in Business.

This article identifies some interesting areas of study for tomorrow’s PR pro, including criminology, sociology and psychology, as well as English.

My twin daughters don’t plan to enter the “family business;” however, the more colleges I visit, the more I’m tempted to go back to school!

–Mara Conklin

PS: Here's one of my daughters on a visit to Kenyon College.

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