When you need to know….

I am connected.  I text, twitter, instant message and email.  I spend most of my working day online or attached to my iPhone.  Online communications are quick and direct but when you really want to know if your message arrived, it takes a personal touch.

I sent an email to a favorite reporter and couldn’t understand why she didn’t reply promptly as was her custom. It turns out, she did but I didn’t receive it for some reason.  She sent a second reply after hearing my voicemail and now we are back on track to get some work done.

My daughter, a high school senior, has been busy trying to make the early college application deadline for her first choice school, but she was disappointed to receive an email notifying her that they are missing a portion of her application. Although she emailed it, they never got it. 

Lesson for today: if something is really important or you really want to connect, sometimes you have to make it personal and call.

–Linda Muskin

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