Social media strategies that work

about adding social media to your marketing mix?  Who isn’t? 
Marketers plan to increase their
online marketing budgets by an average of 17 percent in 2010, according to a
new report from ExactTarget and Econsultancy.

If you plan to stick your
toe into the social media pool, make sure the tactics you implement will
work.  MarketingProfs recently
released a study, called “The State of Social Media Marketing,” which
illustrates some of the more popular social media tactics that are tired and
how successful they are.

Twitter, the two tactics tried most frequently were
driving sales by linking to
promotional web pages (72.1% tried it) and driving traffic by linking to
marketing web pages (54.2% tried it).

Facebook, the two tactics tried most frequently were
driving traffic to corporate
materials with status updates (55.3%) and “friending” recent customers with
corporate Facebook profiles (39.2%).

the report shows that the least tried tactics often work the best.  Here are creative tactics from

  • Monitoring Twitter for PR problems in real time. While only 50.8% actually tried
    it, 74.8% said it “worked great” or “worked a little.”
  • Inviting Twitter users with positive brand tweets to do something. 33.2% tried it, 72.1%
    reported it “worked great” or “worked a little.”
  • Contacting Twitter users tweeting negatively about the
    tried it, 72.3% reported it “worked great” or “worked a little.”
  • Creating an in-person event using only Twitter invites. 13.5% tried it, 71.8% reported it
    “worked great” or “worked a little.”
  • Using Facebook user data to profile your customers’ demographics
    or interests.

    25% tried it, 73.1% reported it “worked great” or “worked a little.
  • Creating a Facebook application around a brand. 24.6% tried it, 73.3% reported it
    “worked great” or “worked a little.”

–Mara Conklin

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