Think like a Boy Scout: Be Prepared!

in 1910, the Boy Scouts of America will celebrate its 100th
anniversary this year.  Since its
founding, more than 115 million merit badges have been earned by Boy Scouts,
most of them in First Aid, Swimming, Camping, Cooking and Citizenship.  Clearly, Boy Scouts understand the
value of their motto: “be prepared!”


This is
great advice for business owners and managers as well. 


pundits believe these individuals finally are preparing to invest again in their
businesses.  A report released by
research firm Gartner EXP says technology budgets, after being off by 8.1
percent in 2009, will return to 2005 levels in 2010.  According to Bob’s Guide
, businesses are moving from a
cost-cutting strategy to a growth strategy.


businesses start spending again, will you be prepared to capitalize on this
with targeted messaging, an aggressive public relations program that builds
your brand awareness, and a communications strategy that draws prospects to
your website?


The time
to prepare is now.


–Linda Muskin

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