It’s the benefits, dummy

often make the mistake of speaking in the language of features,
not realizing that their prospects hear
the language of benefits
.  This is akin to walking
into a meeting and speaking Italian to a room full of Spaniards.  It kind of sounds familiar, but the
prospects must strain to understand.Blah Blah Blah card_mainpic

need to get out of the mindset of selling themselves, and start understanding
what their prospects need and deliver messages that show how they can help
them.  In other words, sell the
benefits not the features of their products.

can help tremendously; just ask our client The Schneider Corporation.  They are in a commodity
business and struggled to differentiate themselves.  The best way to do this, we told them, was to stop selling
their features (a commodity) and start selling benefits (what makes them
different and what matters to their customers).

This is
how their elevator message turned out:

Schneider Corporation provides creative solutions for land, infrastructure and
facilities projects that help increase revenue, lower costs
and mitigate risk.

pretty clear how their customers benefit.

that to the elevator message of a competitor:

ideas into reality for over 50 years, Competitor Company is a 700-person,
employee-owned, multi-disciplined, engineering and environmental consulting
firm serving our clients worldwide in the energy, transportation, real estate,
water, municipal, government, and industrial markets from offices throughout
the Northeast, Midwest and Southeastern United States.

difference is pretty clear. 
Language makes all the difference.

–Mara Conklin

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