How to Be a Good Client for Your PR Agency

Public relations is one of the
most cost-effective marketing tactics available today, which explains why many
companies are increasing their PR spend while cutting back on their ad budgets.
Once a public relations firm is hired, it's important for internal marketing
managers to realize the crucial role they play in the success of their

I recently wrote an article
for Chief Marketer that outlined several steps that marketers can take to
ensure the success of their public relations program.  These include:

  • Treating your PR agency as a
  • Giving your agency access to
    information as early as possible.
  • Respecting your agency’s advice.
  • Giving your agency the time and
    budget necessary to succeed.
  • Developing measurable goals

Most importantly, speak up if
you're not getting what you need from your public relations agency. If your
agency truly is a partner, they will be happy you did and will do whatever they
can to improve the relationship.

–Mara Conklin

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