Are you ready for the unexpected?

When I
first started my career, I worked in the corporate communications department at
a large financial services company. 
One of my first projects was to update all the obituaries for the
company’s senior leadership.  I
thought it was kind of creepy; after all, they still were alive.

Readingcommercialprintingtealeaves It taught
me an important lesson.  The
unexpected happens so why not be prepared for it.

later as a consultant, I worked with companies to develop crisis communications
plans.  These plans have two uses:
to put in place a framework for how communications will flow during a crisis,
and to try to identify potential crises before they arise so the company can
take preemptive actions.

The need
for a crisis communications plan today is even greater.  Social media channels have opened up a
hornet’s nest for rumors and information leaks if communications are not
handled appropriately.

Does your
company have a plan in place to guide you through the unexpected?


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