Are you ready for primetime?

Television interviews can be a powerful way to communicate important messages, even for B2B companies. 

We’ve placed our B2B clients on television to talk about tax planning for corporations, pending lawsuits, the impact of nanotechnology, new company launches, company growth and many other topics.

Yet nothing strikes fear into the heart of a CEO more than the thought of a television interview.  For someone who runs a business and does only occasional TV interviews, learning the tricks can make all the difference:

  • Keep your answers short and sweet
  • Stay on message by responding to questions and steering the conversation to what you want to discuss.
  • Rule of three.  Give three examples or three points to support your answer.
  • Consciously work to eliminate nervous behaviors like fiddling with your buttons or looking at the ceiling while developing your response.

Finally, work with a public relations pro to role-play before the big interview.  This will help you work out your answers and put you more at ease.

For an example of how television can work to your advantage take a look at this clip of our client Jenny Vance, president of LeadJen, on Inside Indiana Business.  Vance delivered her predetermined messaging points with each response.  Her answers were concise and focused, and conveyed with a calm, confident presence.

TV interviewers are professionals.  They are practiced at their craft and comfortable with it.  Anyone who gets into the ring with them should be prepared.

Are you ready for prime time?

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