Is your public relations worth the investment?

During an economic downturn, many organizations look for ways to trim expenses until revenues pick up again.  Typically that means slicing “non-essential” activities…those that are profit-spenders, not revenue-generators.

One of the first areas to be cut is public relations.  But that’s not always a good idea.  Here are three reasons why:
A revenue-driven public relations program will drive sales, which are needed when revenues are lagging.

Positive and consistent exposure for your company and products will assure customers that they made a good choice, which results in higher customer loyalty and referrals (an extremely cost-effective way to market!).

Uncertainty breeds discontent among employees.  To protect this asset, organizations should make an effort to communicate regularly with employees about the status of business.  A positive side effect of this is increased employee loyalty.

It’s easy to determine if you should keep or cut your public relations program.  Simply ask yourself: Does my public relations program more than pay for itself in sales generated? 

Up next: How to use public relations during a recession.

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