AdAge: Public relations firms “get” social media

AdAge recently published “The PR Factor 2010,” a special section of the publication.  Here’s an excerpt:

The smartest marketing companies and brand teams have already figured it out: Public relations firms get social media.
Brands are becoming more strategic about their use of social media and integrating it into broader marketing campaigns.  “Instead of thinking of social media as a one-off–and merely dabbling in social media–brands are looking at the overarching message and how to deploy that across all platforms in an ongoing fashion,” said Laura Tomasetti, founder and managing director of 360 Public Relations, Boston.  “And social media is now the thread that keeps a brand conversation going long after the big, splashy launch event.”

If social media keeps the brand conversation going, it’s public relations firms that in turn keep the social media going.

It’s no secret that social media and public relations are a match made in communications heaven.  Whether it’s blogging, social media sites such as Facebook or tools like Twitter, the two-way, always-on qualities of social media play to the classic conversational, relationship-building strengths of public relations.

For the full article, go here.

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