Social media content is everywhere

If you’re having trouble making time for social media, you’re not alone.

R2integrated recently conducted a survey of 296 marketing professionals who use social media.  When asked to select the single biggest mistake they've made with social media, 37.8 percent of marketers cited insufficient time and resources. 

Social media tends to take a lot of time because it requires good, consistent content in order to be successful.  And creating that content can be time-consuming.

What many marketers don’t realize is that they probably already have weeks, if not months, worth of good, solid content that they can re-purpose for social media. 

Since social media is another avenue through which you can communicate with customers, any marketing materials you already have created are fair game.  That includes taking excerpts from a presentation, a speech given at an industry event, a Webinar script, byline articles, white papers, etc.  The key is simply to mine that material, seek out what’s relevant and communicate it in a way that showcases thought leadership and doesn’t scream sales. 

Also, allocating a small portion of your PR/marketing budget to social media allows you to enlist help from a public relations agency.  A PR agency can give you those extra arms and legs you need to sift through those materials and create a consistent social media schedule that maximizes your marketing investment.

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