Beware of e-Sundays

Publication: Newsweek
May 29, 2006
By Linda Stern

E-mail marketers should decide if they care more about clicks or looks, according to a new study by ExactTarget of Indianapolis.

The study measured response rates for 2.7 billion messages sent by 4,000 organizations. It found that e-mailers who just want recipients to open e-mail—say, for name recognition or to see an announcement—will do better if they send e-mails on a Friday, when roughly 40 percent of them get opened. That’s when most workers are clearing out their in boxes. But that’s not the best day for getting recipients with the inclination to click through to a Web site. If it’s click-throughs you want, be prepared to work overtime, because Sunday rules when it comes to readers taking action on their in boxes. Maybe it’s catching them with their guard down.

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