Progeny LMS Reaches Agreements With Strategic Wireless Partners To Develop Advanced Technology Solutions

Publication: Broadband Wireless Exchange
October 9, 2006
By Robert Hoskins

Indiana-based Progeny LMS, LLC, the largest holder of wireless spectrum in the M-LMS band, announced a number of strategic agreements that will enable the quick deployment of advanced technology solutions as soon as the Federal Communications Commission completes a pending rulemaking.

Progeny holds spectrum in the multilateration Location and Monitoring Service (M-LMS) band at 902-928 MHz, with 8 MHz of bandwidth in economic areas covering a population of 235 million people.

Progeny intends to contract with Purdue University researchers to study the uses of the spectrum, according to Michael McMains, a principal with McMains LaPointe and president of Progeny. “There are many potential uses for this spectrum, including homeland security and first responder communications. We want to ensure we use this spectrum to its fullest potential,” said McMains.

Progeny recently reached an agreement with Rajendra “Raj” Singh, Ph.D., for cooperation in developing a range of new, security-oriented Enhanced Position Location and wireless broadband data systems, as well as for the investment of development capital by the technology investment firm Dr. Singh chairs. Dr. Singh, an early investor in XM Satellite Radio and Aether Systems, is a pioneer in the wireless industry, with more than two decades of leadership contributing to the academic and technological development of the industry. He founded LCC International and Telcom Ventures, a technology investment firm for which he serves as chairman.

Progeny also has reached an agreement that will provide development capital and broader access to capital markets through Columbia Capital, a venture capital firm specializing in the communications and information technology industries. Columbia Capital has an experienced investment team with diverse industry backgrounds in entrepreneurial ventures, management, finance, regulation and engineering. It has managed investments in approximately 100 companies in the communications and information technology sectors.

Progeny is a privately-held company controlled by Otto “Nick” Frenzel, III, who is a former chairman of the board of Merchants National Corporation and the National City Bank of Indiana. Mr. Frenzel is a director of Indianapolis-based property and casualty insurance company Baldwin & Lyons, and is chairman of its Audit Committee. Mr. Frenzel, through Progeny and investments in predecessor ventures, has worked toward the development of services in this band for nearly 20 years.

In announcing the alliances, he said: “I am thrilled that Progeny now has the technical expertise to develop and deploy a range of exciting services, including those targeting homeland security and wireless consumer needs. This will allow us to contribute toward technology improvements benefiting national security, as well as significant technical advances in wireless data.”

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