Web 2.0 e-commerce technology will become mainstream in 2008, study says

Publication: Internet Retailer
January 10, 2008

Be-purpose marketing applications, such as widgets and rich media, and other Web 2.0 technology will become increasingly popular e-commerce tools in 2008, according to Performance Communications Group. “The advertising 2.0 experimentation of the last few years has evolved into solid long-term solutions for e-marketers,” says Scott Madlener, PCG’s executive vice president of interactive marketing. Among PCG’s predictions for 2008: Banner ads that incorporate more intelligence, better multimedia, and secure data capture will help advertisers better manage campaigns. Online advertising will evolve into social advertising in which social network members promote products. Single-purpose marketing applications, such as widgets, will offer marketers branding opportunities and create customer interactivity and loyalty. Podcasts and other “new media” content will become mainstream, ushered in by the new era of mobile devices, such as the iPhone. Indirect distribution will dominate video consumption as more companies utilize RSS and video web services. PCG is a Chicago-based interactive marketing agency and online media expert ces.

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