Push/Pull: Play tug-o-war with social media and win

Most organizations today either have a social media program or are thinking about it.

The usage of social media by companies is growing significantly, according to a study by McKinsey, and the majority of employees using these technologies are in marketing.

That’s not surprising, since social media is an effective channel for acquiring customers and building loyalty. Marketing content through social media channels and building engagement can be very effective in building the sales pipeline.

There’s another really interesting way to use social media, and we think it’s even more effective than the traditional method of pushing content. Pulling content from your followers and using it in your marketing efforts can make a big impact.

This is how it works. Your customers are talking about you, and hopefully saying good things. There may be others who are talking about you as well, including product reviewers, reporters, analysts, or industry followers. Capture and use these conversations in marketing efforts.

The next time a Facebook fan says something nice, use that quote in an email campaign, on a banner ad, in your Twitter feed, etc. Your audience will feel a sense of engagement, and this will spur more comments.

If you’ve committed to a social media program, why not make it work harder for you?

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