Social media can play an important role in email marketing

US marketers should look to utilize social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to complement their email marketing strategies.

Carissa Newton, director of marketing at Delivra, explained that the viral nature of social media means that companies can increase their audience exposure by a significant amount.

Writing for, the expert added that measuring the positive impact that the medium has is also fairly simple, with many email service providers offering “social sharing-tracking as part of their metrics and reporting function.”

“The key is increasing social sharing, growing your audience and measuring how that growth leads to increased sales,” Ms Newton explained.

In addition, she highlights the need to design any marketing correspondence for multiple platforms to help maximize exposure.

“Heavy social media users are likely to read your email on a smartphone, so keep your call to action short and at the top of your email. We’ve found that emails with minimal content and only one call to action perform the best,” the article said.

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