The proof is in the pictures

It’s true that pictures are worth a thousand words.  For two of our clients last month, pictures were worth feature stories in major publications.

We’re not talking any old kind of picture; professional pictures.

We regularly ask our clients to invest in professional photographs.  The payoff can be huge. Two recent examples include:

A 12-images slide show of THE HEAVYWEIGHTS in the Workplace of the Day section of the  Professional, high quality images of their exceptional interior space were crucial in our ability to pitch and secure this placement.

Jenny Vance of LeadJen was featured on the cover of  Octane, a quarterly produced by the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO).  The editor asked for “more than a typical headshot” to go with Jenny’s byline article.  When we delivered striking, professional images, he showcased them to his readers.

Today anyone with a digital camera can generate a photo.  But you can’t beat investing in a pro.

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