10 ways to merchandise your media coverage

You’ve invested in a public relations program.  Your company has been featured in some positive articles, has received awards and your speaking calendar is filling up.

Now what?

Each time your company received positive exposure is an opportunity to merchandise your success and generate even more attention.  Here are 10 steps to get the most from your public relations program:

  • Socialize it.  Tweet it, Facebook it, share it on social network sites such as Digg, Delicious, Reddit, etc.
  • Blog about it.
  • Put in on your website in the “In the News” section and link to a PDF of the article.  Do not use live links, since these eventually get broken.
  • Send it to your customers and prospects to reinforce your value.
  • Make it part of your e-newsletter that goes to customers, prospects, business partners and vendors.
  • Give copies to your sales reps so they can use it on calls; a third party endorsement builds confidence in your firm.
  • Give copies to your customer service and front desk people so when someone calls and mentions the article, they will know about it.
  • Consider having a customized plaque made of the article and display it in your hall or lobby.  This is a great way to make an impression on people visiting your office.
  • Include excerpts from the article in speeches you give at networking and industry events.
  • Tell your friends, family and investors. The fact that the media covered you is a strong reason to talk about what’s new with your firm and to keep your products and services top of mind should someone need a referral.

What other ideas do you have to merchandise your PR exposure?

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