Watchfire Gets a First in the Industry

Gail ChiassonNorth American Editor

For the first time in the industry, Underwriters Laboratories’ UL-Environment group has given its Energy Efficiency Certification to a digital billboard and sign manufacturer.

Danville, Illinois-based Watchfire products are the first in the digital sign and billboard industry to demonstrate compliance and carry the UL-E Green Leaf Mark.

Because Watchfire digital signs and billboards complies with the stringent UL standards, the UL Safety Mark and the UL-E Energy Verified Mark will always appear together on all Watchfire LED products distributed in the U.S..

Through UL’s Energy Efficiency Certification Program, manufacturers demonstrate that their products are helping lower energy demand. UL and UL Environment, working with the California Energy Commission and sign industry representatives, developed the program to assist sign manufacturers in testing and certifying products for their compliance to a variety of energy efficiency requirements, including those within Title 24 of the California Energy Commission’s Building Energy Efficiency Standards.

Certification standards include mandatory automatic control requirements for all illuminated signs. In addition, the standards set limits on installed lighting power for illuminated signs.
Watchfire is the only manufacturer that fully encapsulates its LED modules in a thick bed of silicone gel, enabling the modules to operate in the harshest weather conditions. Durability is further enhanced by Watchfire’s streamlined engineering, which focuses on driving down parts counts and connections, improving projected reliability.

All Watchfireboards feature lightweight extruded aluminum cabinetry that complies with IBC 2006/2009 windload standards and allows for low cost, fast installation and streamlined maintenance.Watchfire’s warranty, lead-times, customer support, and software are considered to be among the best in the industry.

Watchfire by Time-O-Matic engineers and manufactures LED signs to help businesses and organizations increase visibility and drive growth. The company has been manufacturing outdoor electric signs for more than 75 years, has been manufacturing LED signs for 15 years and has more than 35,000 outdoor LED signs in daily operation throughout North America. Watchfire signs can be found at banks, retailers, schools, places of worship and other locations. Watchfire Digital Outdoor is the digital billboard division of Watchfire.

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