Media campaign tactics that work

By guest blogger Brian Boden

A media campaign typically includes a variety of media tools being used in tandem with one another to pitch a common, thematic message. The campaign may consist of a mix of such resources as: announcements, print collateral, audio podcasts, video, Flash graphics, email, trade advertising and/or direct mail promos.

When planning and designing a cohesive campaign, it’s important to remember that the message is the hero. The message is the glue that holds all of the campaign components together. It must not be sequestered to back seat status.

If a campaign’s message is overshadowed by design elements or diluted by inconsistencies between components, the campaign will be weakened. As a consequence, the campaign most likely won’t deliver the anticipated results.

Here are some tips that can help to ensure that your campaign messaging shines through.

Keep it focused. Identify two or three key attributes that the target audience should remember from your message. Then, build the campaign message around those attributes.

Keep it smart. Clever wording or key phrases draw the target audience into your messaging. Use slogans and tags that are catchy. Make sure they relate to the subject/product that you are promoting.

Keep it simple. Concise messaging translates to easier interpretation by the target audience. The easier the message is to understand, the more likely the audience will remember it.

Keep it relevant. The message must mean something to the target audience. Understand what makes the target audience tick, and then pitch the message to those sensibilities.

Keep it true. Exaggerated messages only lead to disappointments. Keep the message based on realities, not misrepresentations.

Keep it brief. Leave the deep dive content for another time. People are bombarded with all kinds of messaging all day long. Attention spans are short. So, get to the point.

Your media campaign will stand a better chance of achieving successful outcomes if you say what you mean; mean what you say; and, present it in a clever, direct way.

Brian Boden is the owner of BodenWorks, a media communications company that  brings content-driven messages to life in surprisingly innovative ways. He can be reached at

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