When times are tough, PR is crucial

We were sad to learn that two public relations firms closed recently in Indianapolis.

We work with many companies in Indianapolis. This news shows that in Indy–like just about every other city in the country–the economy is taking a toll on business.

PR firms are not immune from economic downturns. In fact, PR often is one of the first “non-essential” activities cut from budgets. However, during rough times it’s more important than ever to communicate with prospects, customers, investors and employees.

  • Prospects–A well-planned and executed PR program can efficiently drive sales and shorten the sales cycle.
  • Customers–Positive and consistent exposure for your company and products/services will assure customers that they made a good choice, which results in bolstered customer loyalty and referrals.
  • Investors–A solid communications effort will make your company look strong and reliable.
  • Employees–Uncertainty breeds discontent among employees.  To protect this asset, organizations must make an effort to communicate regularly with employees about the status of business.  A positive side effect of this is increased employee loyalty.

Finally, pulling the plug on a PR program can make reporters feel jilted. During the last recession, one of our clients put PR on hold for about six months. When the program restarted, reporters were reluctant to talk to us about this client. They lost confidence in the client, and it took precious resources to win back that trust.

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