Watchfire Digital Outdoor accelerates billboard presence in Puerto Rico

USA – Just two years after entering the Puerto Rico market, Watchfire Digital Outdoor ( has manufactured more than half of the island’s digital billboards, the company announced. Watchfire has installed digital billboards for 17 independent operators in Puerto Rico.

Watchfire digital billboards are especially well suited to the harsh weather conditions that exist on the island and fared well during Hurricane Irene, which recently impacted Puerto Rico. None of the Watchfire billboards suffered any major damage and all were fully operational when power was returned to the island.

“Watchfire is the only manufacturer that fully encapsulates its LED modules in a thick bed of silicone gel, enabling the modules to operate reliably even in the harshest conditions,” explained Darrin Friskney, director of Watchfire Digital Outdoor. “Also, Watchfire boards don’t have calibration or flickering issues if power is lost. We have a fail-safe feature in which display modules will blank or clear themselves after one minute of inactivity by the controller. This means that when boards lose power due to storms, they don’t display old data once power is restored.”

One customer, Showtime Outdoor Media, has installed 13 Watchfire digital billboards in Puerto Rico. The company reported absolutely no damage to the Watchfire billboards from the hurricane; however, Showtime said that digital billboards it owns from another manufacturer did experience some damage from electrical surges. The company’s Watchfire billboards feature ads from both local and national advertisers, including beverage companies, telecom service providers, auto manufacturers and the lottery. Showtime vice president of sales and marketing, Rafi Moreno, says advertisers like the Watchfire boards because their ads appear crisper, more vibrant and the colors are more accurate. “Watchfire did a good job of educating us about what to look for in a digital billboard,” said Moreno. “We talked with all the major manufacturers before deciding on Watchfire.”

Maz Media has installed six Watchfire digital billboards in Puerto Rico that feature ads from banks, auto companies, concerts and events, and retailers. “Most of our clients were requesting digital billboards because they enable advertisers to change ads quickly,” said Jose Rivera, vice president at Maz Media. “We saw Watchfire billboards at their facility and they looked good, so we selected Watchfire to manufacture our billboards.”

B-Media Group has Watchfire billboards, and they have been pleased with the service received and product quality from Watchfire. “Watchfire’s product and service are very good and the company continues to deliver our billboards within expectations,” said Juanchi Casillas, president of B-Media Group. “Watchfire understands the digital billboard industry and the value it provides to our clients.”

With its True-16mm, True-19mm and E-16mm, Watchfire has an entire line of digital billboard products to suit almost any need. All Watchfire Digital Outdoor billboards produce 1.15 quintillion colors and utilize state-of-the-art, whole-sign color calibration. Watchfire billboards are durable and this is enhanced by Watchfire’s streamlined design, which focuses on minimizing the number of parts and connections and improving field performance and reliability. All Watchfire billboards feature lightweight extruded aluminum cabinetry that complies with IBC 2006 standards and allows for low-cost, fast installation and simplified maintenance. Watchfire’s warranty, lead times, customer support, and software are considered to be the best in the industry.

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