5 steps to drive sales leads via content marketing

We talked last time about how to create valuable marketing content. Now it’s time to get down to real business: how content marketing can help you drive sales leads.

There are two main keys to success when it comes to content marketing: consistency and scope. In other words, success is based on a steady flow of information using various channels. Here are some tips:

  • Use keywords. Make sure your content features keywords that are important to your customers and in your industry. Link from these keywords to additional content on your website.
  • Use multiple platforms. Don’t restrict your content marketing efforts just to blogging or social media, think of other channels that will benefit from your content, such as podcasting, posting videos to YouTube and sharing presentations and other documents on SlideShare.
  • Expand out your links. Link to content at every opportunity. Embed links to content in social media posts, in your newsletter and in articles. Give people an opportunity to share your content on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn by including links.
  • Use PR to further your reach. Reporters are interested in valuable, unbiased content. Ask your PR agency or staff to look for opportunities to use your content in the media as a pitch for an interview, a byline article or a guest blogging opportunity.
  • Make it easy for prospects to raise their hand. Once your have prospects viewing your content, find ways to link to your website where you can capture them as a lead. Require prospects to fill out a simple web form to download a portion of the content, provide links for more information or to have someone call them.
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