Techshot Hopes to Monetize Value in URL

Techshot has hired lead generation company, LeadJen, to help sell its unused domain name,

LeadJen is using email, direct mail and phone calls to identify companies that may be interested in acquiring the domain URL.

Techshot is selling the domain name because it has rebranded to from

More Than 60,000 Online Searches

One reason Techshot opted to use a lead gen company to monetize this URL is’s perceived value. More than 60,000 online searches a month contain the keyword “shot,” prompting LeadJen to target companies in industries including sports, weapons and gaming.

The company estimates that as many as 80 companies may be interested in bidding. is also valuable because it is short, memorable and uses the .com top-level domain.

According to DN Journal, only seven of the top-selling domains in 2011 were four letter words with a .com top-level domain. Trades for $13M

Certainly, the $13 million that was paid for in 2010 supports that point. Monosyllabic, easily recognizable names can also save companies a lot of trouble with their SEO strategies. At the time of the sale, Rob Monster, founder, chairman and CEO of, told Domain Name Journal that the SEO and content work necessary to promote an unobvious domain name can easily be trumped by a name that gives them a lock on a page one listing by being more memorable.

“Take a look at, the domain that Rick Schwartz famously sold for $3 million,” he said. “While we can debate whether is the #1 place to buy candy, they are #1 on Google. That did not take them all that long and odds are good that will be #1 on Google for a long time to come so long as their site continues to perform well.”

A 2009 study by UK firm made a similar point. It found that generic website names that feature descriptive words of products and servicesdeliver significantly higher click-through rates (CTRs) and overall clicks than those with non-generic domain names.

The .Co Domain

However, some companies that have build a brand around a non-generic name find it important to snap up the URLs of all top level domain names bearing that name to protect its brand—such as’s purchase of in 2010 when the TLD became available. spent $350,000 for Overstock president Jonathan Johnson told MarketingVOX at the time the company decided to spend the money because it felt it was worth it to the brand.

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