Valentine’s Day Special: “A Love Letter to My Business”

Happy Valentine’s Day from the team at IAWEO!

We are so blessed to connect with each one of our members and our readers (who we know will soon become members)!  In fact, this year, we’ve decided that our members are our Valentines because they are what makes us so excited to get up and do what we do each and every day.

We know that business is not always peaches and cream, especially when you’re the woman in charge.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we’ve reached out and asked over 100 women entrepreneurs, and they’ve shared what they love most about their business.

17. Best Part Of My Job: Making Money For Clients

“LeadJen helps B2B sales and marketing executives get value out of every prospecting call. This leads to a predictable and sustainable sales pipeline.The thing I love most about my business is working with a large variety of companies that produce innovative products and have interesting market strategies. Every day I learn something new from my clients and I’m able to see how the work we do contributes to their revenue and growth.”

Thanks to Jenny Vance of LeadJen

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