Four unexpected benefits of business awards

Ah, spring time. Trees are leafing out, birds are singing, the weather has turned warmer and our desks are full of awards applications.

Like seasonal allergies, these pesky awards applications seem to come on strong in March and April. As much as we’d like to just ignore them and get back to regular business, there are some compelling reasons why awards are far more valuable than the trophy that comes with them.

Awards help drive sales. The third-party credibility that comes with receiving an award can drive sales leads to your company and also can help reduce the sales cycle. This is because the award serves as an endorsement.

Awards help with recruitment. Everyone wants to work for a strong and innovative company. Awards show prospective employees that your company is financially strong and going places.

Awards open doors. Winning an award can result in speaking invitations, interview requests and a seat at the table for larger deals.

Awards help you see opportunities. Filling out an award application provides a rare opportunity to slow down and evaluate your business. Areas that are being ignored or where your company is weak tend to show up, giving you an opportunity to address them.

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