Grads: PR is a top-ranked career

For the third year in a row, public relations has been named one of the top-ranked careers for new graduates by several publications. With greater transparency into organizations made possible by social media and real-time news publishing, the role of a PR expert is especially crucial.

The skills needed to succeed today include much more than writing and critical thinking. Here’s what we look for in good candidates:

Curiosity. Someone who asks “why” or “what’s new” tends to uncover more and better information that will help get our clients ink.

Quick thinking. It’s important to be able to think on your feet and have the rhetorical skills to back it up when calling reporters and dealing with clients.

Vision. The difference between a good PR person and a fantastic one is vision. Being aware of trends and how they can impact clients is a valuable trait.

Flexibility. The PR industry is constantly changing. Being able to keep up with changes  and to move from one client to another is important.

Knowledge of how news works. There’s no better experience for a PR person than having worked for the media. Knowing how reporters think and what’s important to them will make you more successful as a PR practitioner.

Ethics. There’s no substitute for a good moral compass. PR practitioners rely on their reputation with both the media and clients to be successful, so knowing what’s right and having the gumption to do it will make you a trusted resource and partner.

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