How to create a knock-out case study

Customer use-cases are helpful and versatile tools for marketers. They can be used as marketing collateral, as website copy, as material for media relations, on social media channels, in outbound telemarketing, and in many more ways.

Here’s how to develop a use-case that will stand out:

  • Begin the use-case with a summary or background that gets right to the point. This should be one paragraph that succinctly states the problem the customer faced and the specific benefit of working with your company. Use metrics such as money saved, time saved, sales increases, etc.
  • State the challenge. Next comes a description of the customer and the challenge he faced. Be specific about what the customer’s life was like before he hired your company or bought your product. Use metrics to illustrate the challenge: how many people were needed, how much time it took, what it cost.
  • Describe the solution. Now’s the time to discuss how your company was able to solve the challenge. What did you do that’s different? Why did your solution work? What product features contributed to the customer’s success? Compare the challenge metrics to what what you accomplished.
  • Finish strong. The final step of a great case study is the outcome. Provide a “before and after” contrast. Use detailed metrics to paint a picture of how much easier, cost effective, efficient or successful your customer was because of you and your company.

Finally, make sure the customer approves the use case before you share it with anyone.

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