Let your customers do the talking

In B-to-B public relations, the strongest media coverage often comes from a well-told story by a satisfied customer.

The trick is finding a customer with a good story who is willing to tell it to the media.

Here are some ways to entice your customers to tell their stories:

    • Ask them! When you make a sale or finish a project, email the customer and ask what they liked about working with you and what you could do differently next time.
    • Put a sign-up form on your webpage. Let customers go to a specific success page where they complete a form and tell you about their triumphs.
    • Use a survey. If you distribute an e-newsletter, embed a short survey designed to elicit comments.
    • Get social. If you have a Facebook site or use Twitter, ask your customers what they are doing that is new, unusual or successful.
    • Run a contest. Ask customers to send in their best story. If you use the story for marketing purposes, the customer will receive a gift card.
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