Compendium Teams with ExactTarget to Ease Repurposing Marketing Content

By Dan Berthiaume (@danberthiaume1)

Content marketing platform provider Compendium and cross-channel marketing solutions vendor ExactTarget are integrating their applications in an effort to ease the process of repurposing marketing content for use in email and digital campaigns.

As a result of the integration, Compendium users will now be able to transfer the content they create into the ExactTarget application with one click. The vendors say the integration will help maximize the return on the time spent creating marketing content, as it will eliminate the need to recreate content from scratch for use in different channels.

Content Reuse is All the Rage

A number of content management vendors of all different stripes have recently made efforts to ease the reuse of already-created content across different platforms and channels. For example, OmniUpdate, a specialty provider of content management system (CMS) technology for the higher education vertical, is specifically upgrading the filtering and tagging capabilities provided by the Assets feature of its OU Campus 9.15 application to make reusing content easier. Users can now filter by content type (such as plain text or source code), as well as by site and/or tag.

Picturepark, a Swiss vendor of browser-based DAM software, is now providing a digital asset management layer for Microsoft SharePoint. The layer, known as SharePoint Connector for Picturepark, allows SharePoint users to leverage approval workflow, security and asset processing functions from Picturepark without leaving SharePoint.

Even video content is being targeted for easier reuse across enterprises. Cloud content services provider Brightcove is easing the process of adding video to content management workflows with new prebuilt integrations between its Video Cloud platform and nine leading Web CMS tools.

(Easy) Content is King

Content creation, as anyone involved can attest, is hard work. From concept to final product, content involves brainstorming, planning, rough drafts, revisions, numerous rounds of editing and proofreading, and often a final approval process that can result in the whole thing being sent back to square one. When a quality piece of content finally sees the light of day, its creators do not want to have to recreate it for use in social media, for example.

And beyond exhausted employees simply not wanting to duplicate hard-fought efforts, recreation of content also drains valuable time and resources that could be better applied elsewhere. Vendors involved in different aspects of creating and delivering content should investigate the opportunity to create partnerships like the Compedium-ExactTarget alliance that can greatly benefit end users and make the content created and distributed by both solutions that much more valuable.

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