How to make news when you have none

Too often, people think that in order to make headlines they have to have something to announce, such as growth, new products or customers. But there is a lot that can be said in between big announcements. Here are just a few ways you can make news:

  • Let the customer talk for you. Your customers are the voice of your organization’s success. What does their story say about how your company helped them improve their processes and drive sales? Find a customer who is willing to talk to the press and has a story with measurable results to take to a reporter.
  • Predict industry trends. Demonstrate that you are an industry visionary by predicting trends. Compile data that indicates where your industry is moving next.
  • Look to current events. Relate industry tips and news to current events. The presidential campaign, economy, major sporting events, holidays, or even the weather are ripe topics.  For example: an email marketing company got a lot of mileage out of grading email sent by the presidential candidates.
  • Take a survey. Conduct a survey of your customers and prospects and publish the results as news. Or, mine your company data to unveil interesting trends. A content marketing company was able to look at their data to determine the best day and time to share news on social media channels.
  • Offer tips. Best practices that can be applied to your industry are always in demand. To find topics, investigate what questions are most frequently asked online or through your company help desk.

It is important to have a consistent presence in the press, and with a little digging you can find interesting stories that keep your audience wanting more.

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