Should your startup hire a PR firm?

Startups often are bootstrapped, and therefore, cash poor. So the idea of hiring a PR firm to help the company begin to build awareness and drive sales leads can be scary for entrepreneurs.

A PR firm isn’t the right move for every company; however, here are some inexpensive ways that PR can help startups.

  • Messaging is crucial to helping potential customers, partners and funding sources understand your company or product. At the same time, messaging requires perspective, so it’s difficult to do it yourself. If you only have a little money, use it to hire a PR firm to help you create a messaging platform that’s unique and memorable.
  • Developing good content and pushing it out on social networks is a great way to build buzz. If you don’t have the time to create content, a PR firm can help. Alternatively, a PR firm can take your content and finesse it. They also can help get your company set up on social networks.
  • A good customer story can get a lot of mileage. If you have just one customer who is willing to talk on your behalf, a PR firm can take that story to trade publications, bloggers and local business publications.
  • News releases on meaty topics, such as new product launches, strategic hires and funding, can help build your search results. A PR firm can help you craft the best announcement possible and distribute the release directly to reporters as well as through a wire service. Most importantly, they can do the necessary follow up and begin to build a relationship with key reporters who cover your space. Be sure to provide your PR firm with your key search terms, so they can be indexed in news releases.

For an easy way to decide if a PR firm is right for your startup, take a look at this great infographic.

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