How to set up a press area on your website

Don’t underestimate the importance of a good “Press” area on your website. This page is used by journalists to vet your company before covering it, as well as by prospects to research your company before calling.

Because the needs of these two audiences are so different, we recommend creating separate pages.

Media Page

A Media page should meet the needs of reporters who are looking both for information and to ensure your company is legitimate before writing about it. A good Media page will include:

  • Recent news releases in chronological order
  • Archived news releases from previous years
  • Photos and bios of key executives
  • Logos for download in various formats
  • Contact information for your internal or external PR team

In the News Page

An In the News page should highlight articles in which your company has been mentioned. It’s natural to list articles in chronological order, but that may not be the best way to showcase your expertise and thought leadership.

To meet this challenge, there are a few things you can do:

  • Post articles in chronological order and include a brief description of the article. This may be the first paragraph of the article. Make sure you identify the publication and run date.
  • Include a flash section on the page that scrolls through your most important four to six articles. Make the articles clickable.
  • Include a subject index that will quickly take visitors to articles that interest them most.
  • Whenever possible, include both a PDF of the original article and link to the actual article. This makes your website more dynamic and provides a safety net should a link become broken over time.
  • Since the In the News page is targeted at prospects, include a contact form for additional information or highlight a call to action, such as a webinar sign up or a white paper download.

Finally, it’s important to keep these pages current. The Media page should be updated with news releases as soon as they hit the wire. The In the News page should be updated as soon as an important article is published.

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